Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the Dr. office is my second home

As some of you may know my daughter gets sick...a lot! All of my kids seem to be pretty tolerant of pain, so we knew when he heard her screaming Friday night something was up.

Imagine yourself sound asleep in your nice warm bed, when you are suddenly woken up by a child screaming at the top of her lungs. The kind of scream you would expect if she were being attacked and hurt by her older brother. She came in our room around 2 am, screaming that her ear hurt. We calmed her down, gave her some ibuprofen and got her to go back to sleep.

When we woke up the next morning we call the pediatrician and got her an appointment for later in the morning (lucky for us our pediatrician has an office about 30 min away that is open on Saturday). After the Dr. examined her she determined it was indeed an ear infection. As long as it wasn't another UTI then I was happy! She gave us a prescription and sent us on our way. Giving our daughter the OK to do whatever she wanted as long as she felt up to it.

We had previously planned to go hang out with some friends camping at Del Valle, we decided to still do that. We got up to the campsite and not even 10 min later her eardrum ruptured. There was nasty ear ooze everywhere! Lucky for us one of our friends who is a Pediatrician was there and he said it's common for that to happen, and that she would actually feel better since it did rupture. He was right, as long as she had ibuprofen and a a tissue she was fine.

Her ear oozed for the better part of 3 days, by Tuesday it had stopped. Now we just need to make sure she keeps her ear clean while the eardrum heals. Lucky for us this all happened during spring break. What an adventure for her to tell her friends when she goes back at the end of spring break!

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kidletsmum said...

Ack!!! Goodness, that poor little girl!!!